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Malayalam Bangalore Days Movie Free Download "Malayalam Bangalore Days Movie" is a Malayalam film directed by Ishaan Ralston. The film stars Dileep, Mukesh, Deepti Sati, and Vinod Kumar in lead roles. Written by Sohan Seenulal and cinematography done by Martin Hsu. Music composed by Mervin Solomon. The movie is about Balan (Dileep) who goes to the city of Bangalore to find employment, he meets a girl named Manisha (Sati), who works as a waitress in a coffee shop and falls in love with her. This film is a remake of the 2016 Kannada film "Bangalore days". Manu (Dileep) is a young man from Pala who is in the city to find a job. He manages to get a job in a printing press, only to lose it when he joins the printing press union. In order not to return home defeated, Manu lies that he has found work in Bangalore and borrows money from his friend before leaving Pala for Bangalore. In town, Manu meets Balan, an auto driver and he gets into an argument with him over a trivial matter. Balan challenges him to a duel and he accepts it. Bala (Dileep) and Manu (Deepak Parambol), engage in a heated verbal duel. Manu attempts to flee from the fight but Bala continues to hit his face with his fist, causing him too much damage for him to run away. At the end of the fight, Bala takes him back home and that night, Bala tells Manu that he should leave Bangalore as he is not ready for the city life. He then asks for forgiveness from Manu, but Manu refuses firstly thank you to Bala for helping him, for forgiving him first before giving up thank you to being offered work first. Manu then offers to pay Bala for the work he did. Balan kindly accepts and thanks him for his kind gesture. The next morning, Manu wakes up after a nightmare, during which he had been swarmed by bees and had to sleep on the ground before running away from them. Manu arrives at his destination and finds an interview scheduled for him with Sailesh (Mukesh). He is introduced to Sailesh's son, Aditya (Vinod Kumar), who helps him find a job at a software company named PCM. While working at the company, Manu meets another employee named Swetha (Deepti Sati), who he attempts to pursue. The only problem being that she already has a fiancé. Manu then manages to arrange Swetha's stolen purse back to her by the purse thief, which leads to her falling in love with him. But later on, Manu starts avoiding Swetha. When she asks him why he is avoiding her, he does not tell her about his love for Manisha. cfa1e77820

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